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  • Optimal Screening Cascade Design: Learn how to construct an effective and adaptable screening cascade based on the specific properties you're seeking in your candidate drug, such as selectivity, blood-brain barrier penetration, and potential on-target toxicity concerns 

  • Hit-to-Lead Phase Insights: Gain insights into the crucial early phase of drug discovery, where you'll identify promising chemical series and develop a robust structure-activity relationship, laying the foundation for successful drug candidates.

  • Lead Optimization Strategies: Understand how screening cascades evolve during the lead optimization phase, with an increased focus on overall molecule profiles, and the importance of DMPK input in balancing biological activity and pharmacological effects, including biomarkers, for clinical efficacy.

Hit-Finding Services from Sygnature Discovery

Sygnature Discovery deploys proven hit-finding approaches, meticulously customised to your specific target, to  identify robust hit series with exceptional longevity. These versatile methodologies can be seamlessly implemented in combination or independently and strategically aligned with the unique requirements of your project.

By working with us you will have access to:


Our integrated, co-located teams ensure a highly efficient Design–Make–Test-Evaluate cycle which rapidly generates high-quality data for expert evaluation.

Scale-Up Capability

Our scale-up capability allows rapid delivery of non-GLP safety assessment batch and transfer of a robust route to a Contract Manufacturing Organization for GMP synthesis.

Track Record

Sygnature Discovery has delivered over 40 clinical candidates for clients, a large proportion of which have already progressed to human dosing.

The Team

Our experienced teams avoid common pitfalls and interrogate the available data, providing innovative solutions for your program.

A History of Innovation

Since its founding in 2004, the integrated drug discovery team at Sygnature Discovery has delivered over 40 preclinical compounds and 25 clinical compounds. Our scientists are named on over 170 customer patent applications.

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